Sunday, September 25, 2005

Dinner with friends -Part II

We're feeling pretty popular these days...Yes...another dinner invitation that we could not pass up. We love this couple! Alice is one of my first friends at Altamesa and Alan is a sweethart....Our children are also compatible (very important!). Best of all, they have Maggie...I don't go to their house too often, but when we do I always look forward to bonding with Maggie. She's a pretty little miniature dachsund. I don't know what it is, but Maggie likes me. I felt really honored when she chose to sit in my lap instead of Mommy Alice's lap....

Now here's the question...I would love to have a dog, but is it really logical? After all, I work all day, the kids are a school and Preston's at we REALLY need someone else to take care of? If we did get a dog, what kind would it be?

The Sim's have a 2 noisy terriers in their back yard and a baby Yorkie in the house. I love the Yorkie.He is precious. I also love Cocker Spaniels and Scottish Terriers(apparently, I have thing for terriers that I did not realize until now). So do we just jump in and commit to a dog? I know what will happen...the kids will fall in love, but I will ultimately be the one who makes sure it's fed, pottied and nurtured and I'm already doing THAT for 3 kids and a husband!!!

Of course, there is always the negatives to think of....Mary Chris and the Jack Russell with mange episode...Maggie ate too much fudge and threw up everywhere one Christmas....and most importantly...Rebekah (my oldest) is terrified of dogs. Although, now that she is 11 she is getting better. Alice used to put Maggie in her cage whenever we came over beacause Rebekah was so afraid of her. This goes way back to when we lived in PA. Apparently my dad took Rebekah to the back yard to feed his dog and the dog jumped on her. She was about 3 when this happened and it made her very fearful of dogs. She has pretty much gotten over it, but would getting a dog cause a relapse?

Perhaps I will wait until Preston and I are home alone (empty nesters I believe it's called)...when all of the kids are gone and have their own lives. Then I will get my dog and spoil it...Until then, I will just enjoy everyone else's dogs!

Another question: If we did get a dog what should we get? It needs to look like one of us....Any suggestions?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Dinner with friends

Tonight we had dinner with some old friends and met some new friends. What fun! We haven't done that in a long time! Our lives are so busy with kids, work, chores, etc... that we have not taken the time to just sit and visit with other grown ups. It was fun just sitting around the table talking about nothing in particular....very relaxing. Our kids are now at an age where they don't need to be on our lap and they can play unsupervised for a decent amount of time. Occasionally they would check in with us, tell us something funny, then run off again.

Life is good. Sometimes you just have to slow down, leave the laundry and smell the coffee.

Monday, September 12, 2005


We're currently waching Wife-Swap. The premise of the show is where two completely opposite women swap lives....WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT?!?!!? I mean, really, do we really have time to drop everything and just go live in someone else's house? Tonight's show is really extreme - Trailer Trash Mama vs. Ms Manners...It's sooo weird - I could not imagine some other woman in my house raising my kids and hangin' wit my husband - I would probably be closer to the Trailer Trash Mama than Ms Manners...

Friday, September 09, 2005

Head lice vs. Mommy

Yes, they have invaded our youngest....she has been brave and taken it well, but Mommy is a little freaked out....

A week ago, as I was sweeping dirt under the rug, I thought to myself....

Could I really justify taking a day off work just to clean house and do laundry?


After discovering a colony of "friends" living on Molly's head, I immediately called in sick and armed myself with lice shampoo, lice gel, lice combs, lice spray, laundry detergent and bleach. My washer and dryer ran all day long. All of the bedsheets, coverings, pillows, stuffed animals, hats, headbands, scrunchies, combs, brushes....anything that was near her head had to be cleaned!!!! I changed the filters in the vacuum, vacuumed, then changed the filters again. Everytime she sat on the couch or chair and got up, I sprayed "the spray". I carry "the spray" with me in the car and use it everytime she gets out. I have sat for hours combing through each strand of her hair looking for eggs, nits and yes, the occasional "live one"....I think they are just about conquered...Another day or two and I think she will be lice-free! I DARE them to come back.....I am now an expert-sharp-shootin-lice-removin'- mama! I can spot a nit from across the room, swoop down on it, remove it, dispose of it and sanitize in seconds flat!

I guess I'll think of something else the next time I'm sweeping dirt under the rug!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Our Labor Day Weekend - A Labor of Love

My husband is currently snoring as I post this. He was up at 6:00 am cooking for the Worth Heights Community Center that is currently housing about 200 refugees. Our church provided lunch and dinner today (Sun) and will be providing dinner tomorrow(Mon). Lunch will be taken to the Best Western at I-30 and Beach St because another organization is putting together a big cookout for the community center with bounce houses and the works. We have committed to providing 2 meals a week through the month of September at Worth Heights as well.

Tonight I spoke to Carolyn - she works for the Dept of Parks and Rec for the City of FW and is in charge of working with the churches and scheduling the meals, donations, etc... She had so many good things to say about our church and all of the other churches she has been in contact with. She has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of generosity and love. She also said that 1000 more refugees were coming from Houston tomorrow. They will be dropped off at Clark Field and will have to wait there until they are "processed" and placed in a shelter. Before they go to the shelter, they have to shower and put on new clothes - the old ones must be thrown away...Could you imagine having to do that?

In one of Danny's Blogs some commentors questioned if this hurricane could be an "Old Testament" event...I don't know - Did God see what was going on in that area - poverty, drugs, prostitution, etcccc and decide to "clean it up"? showed Tony Evans giving his sermon today - he seems to think that's what happened. God used the hurricane to "right the wrongs" (at least that is my interpretation of what he said)...

It's late...I'm rambling...All I know is that I'm blessed to be part of this effort and have been touched by all of the stories and events that have occurred.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

A new kid

A new kid arrived at Sycamore today....He's from New Orleans and evacuated before the hurricane hit. He was sad because he wasn't able to pack his games and other important items. He said that his Dad told his Mom not to pack so much....I'm thankful that he and his family made it here together. Please pray for them and all of the other children and thier families. I cannot fathom what they are going through...