Friday, August 24, 2007

Okay, I have jumped on the bandwagon!

I have been tagged by Ashley. I don't know if I can come up with 100 things about me that won't put you to sleep, but I will try:

1) My husband Preston makes me completely and incandescently happy.

2) My 3 children bless and amaze me daily.

3) I love orange dreamcicles and mashed potatoes with skins and lumps (not at the same time).

4) I like to have way too many things to do on my to-do list at work.

5) I like to have nothing on my to-do list at home.

6) My church family is very important to me.

7) I currently attend an online college: Ashford University

8) When I first went to college in 1982 Computer Science was a relatively new major.

9) My favorite musicals include Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat with Donny Osmond (aaahhh), Grease, Singing in the Rain, Little Shop of Horrors, Fiddler on the Roof, South Pacific, Chicago, Phantom of the Opera.

10) My first concert was in 1973 at the Portland, ME civic center: The Carpenters

11) My favorite concert was in 1985 in the Venetian Room at the Fairmont Hotel, Dallas, with Preston: Kenny Rankin

12) The first song I knew all the words to: Go Away Little Girl by Donny Osmond (aaahhh).

13) Favorite movie: Dirty Dancing

14) Favorite board game: Scrabble

15) I am crafty but I have at least 5 visible scars on my arms and legs from hot glue burns.

16) I can sew and I love making VBS costumes.

17) I love floating in a swimming pool and getting tan.

18) Fall is my favorite season.

19) I like fall floral arrangements.

20) I would like to own a house on the beach.

21) My favorite flowers are yellow roses.

22) I met Preston at Mama's pizza on Camp Bowie.

23) He took me to my senior prom.

24) I moved to Ocean City, Maryland the day after I graduated from Southwest High School in 1982.

25) I worked at a Natural Foods Juice Bar

26) I have attended these colleges: North Texas, Salisbury(MD) State, McLennan County Community College, University of Connecticut, Tarrant County College, Ashford University.

27) I re-connected with Preston in 1985 - we went on our first date on 6/30

28) We were married eight months later on 2/21/86

29) Places I have lived in this order: Pennsylvania, Maine, Texas, Maryland, Texas, New York, Texas, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Texas.

30) I like to clean.

31) I like to iron.

32) I have never mowed the lawn.

33) I have been to the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

34) I have been to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York

35) Preston and I used to go to New York City almost every weekend when we lived in Connecticut.

36) I have lived in these types of homes: 2 story federal, 1 1/2 story cape cod, 2 story traditional , room with a bed and a sink, roach infested apartment, basement, bottom floor of a house, 2 bedroom apartment, 2 story house on 2 acres, 2 story house with above ground pool.

37) I would like a one story house with an inground pool.

38) I like to cook, but don't do it very much anymore

39) I have had these jobs: bus girl at Colonial Cafeteria, server at ShowTime Pizza, waitress/cook at a natural foods juice bar, clerk at an insurance company, customer service (insurance), account representative (insurance), insurance agent, daycare provider, pre-school teacher, church custodian, teacher's aid.

40) Preston and I waited 8 years before we had our first child

41) I was blessed to be able to stay at home with my kids for 10 years!

42) Returning to school at age 42 was kind of scary.

43) I would like to have a disco ball in my living room.

44) I can do the Electric Slide, Macarena and Cupid Shuffle.

45) I will break into song at any given moment. The song usually has something to do with the situation.

46) I do not know all of the words to any song except Go Away Little Girl and Bohemian Rhapsody.

47) I love my parents. My mom is my best friend.

48) I love to go antiquing with my mom.

49) I do not like seeing my parents getting older.

50) My dad is one of the smartest men I know - Preston is the other.

51) I had a happy childhood.

52) I love #2 prencils that are newly sharpened and have a beautiful purple cap eraser.

52) I also like mechanical pencils but won't use the eraser. I use an eraser on a pencil or a pink carnation eraser.

53) I love Sharpies and highighters.

54) I am left-handed but I iron, throw and bat right-handed.

55) I do not like white bread.

56) I used to watch the Soprano's but then realized that they were really, really bad people.

57) I think the following couples are similar to Preston and me: Ray and Deborah Romano, Ozzie and Harriet, Bill and Judy Miller (Still Standing), Ozzie and Sharon, George and Wezie (Jefferson).

58) I love Italian Food & Mexican Food

59) I have never watched Survivor

60) I don't like Desperate Housewives (too desperate)

61) I like Grey's Anatomy

62) I like the PBS shows where people try to live in another era: Fontier House, 1900 House, Manor House.

63) I like the Sherlock Holmes series with Jeremy Brett.

64) I used to think Monty Python was funny, now I do not.

65) I used to read a lot when I was a kid. My favorites were the Little House series, Nancy Drew (I have a collection of the older blue-covered versions.

66) My favorites as a grown-up are John Irving, LaVerle Spencer (drippy love stories) and JK Rowling (I would have like her when I was a kid but she wasn't invented yet).

67) I like all kinds of music.

68) Favorite 20th century composers: Stravinsky, Copeland, Gershwin

69) Have been to these concerts: Carpenters, Journey(opening act: The Babies), Rush, Yes, Joe Jackson, Jethro Tull, Dire Straits, Billy Joel, Fleetwood Mac,Rolling Stones, Maynard Feruson, Kenny Rankin, Nadia Salerno-Sonnenberg, George Winston, Beatlemania and some I can't remember =)

70) Favorite rock concert movie: Woodstock

71) Favorite scary movie: The Shining

72) First Car: 1976 Chevy Monza

73) Favorite bug: Lady

74) Favorite domestic bird:cardinal; Favorite fancy bird:Peacock; Favorite sea bird:Pelican; favorite woodland animal: chipmunk

75) I was in the Big Red Band from Mighty Rebel Land and we would leave the field whistling Dixie

76) Favorite Friday night Family activity in the Fall: Crowley High School Football Games! Go Eagles!

77) I can whistle through my teeth whenever I say the letter ""S".

78) I can burp really loud.

79) I would like to be a vegetarian but I really enjoy juicy steaks.

80) I love working at Sycamore Elementary School and can't wait until the first day.

81) I really hate cold weather, but sometimes I wish it wasn't so hot.

82) I say "whatever" too much

83) I can't stand when people use "like" every other word, but I know I do it sometimes.

84) I want to speak Spanish fluently and practice every day with my co-workers.

85) I am looking forward to growing old with Preston.

86) My oldest daughter, Bekah, will graduate from high school in 5 years. She is awesome.

87) GP is hilarious. He will be in 6th grade this year.

88) Molly is a piece of "woik". She will be in third grade.

89) Right now, all of the closets in my house are organized except the pantry.

90) There are at least 5 houses for sale on our street.

91) I would like to move closer to my parents.

92) I am currently writing a research paper about bilingual education.

93) I love to take long, hot baths and drink a glass of wine.

94) I love to get pedicures and fake nails.

95) I wish I would have gone to church when I was a kid.

96) LTC is fun

97) Church camp is fun

98) Bunko is fun - I love all my Bunko gal pals.

99) VBS is fun

100) This activity was fun...tomorrow I will do the laundry.

I tag Jennifer Reinch.


pearlie said...

Still awake :) It was an interesting read really. I think because I find we are quite similar in certain areas. Like #4 an 5 definitely!!! haha...
God bless!!

Anonymous said...

I love you.


Kansas Bob said...

Computer Science wasn't an option when I was in college ... maybe if it was I wouldn't have been drafted into the Army :)

Alan McDad said...

Getting to know you.... getting know all about you....

karen b said...

dan's sister got married at the resort where they filmed dirty dancing--it's near va tech and i will take you there someday

hooray for bunko!

hooray for ltc! i'm your helper in wed. night class for sept and oct -- can't wait!!

Wezie said...

KB: Whoo Hoo! have you started the lesson plans yet? Oh, is that my job?

karen b said...

check out this link-- there's a dirty dancing weekend!

Maggie said...

# 43 LOL! that would be awesome :)

Ashley N said...

Yay! Very fun list Wezie...I knew yours would be funny!

Wezie said...

KB , looks like we'll have to shoot for '08. There are no vacancies during the November weekend.

Anonymous said...

Wait! I thought I was your best friend.


Lisa Stockton said...

Wow. That's an awesome 100.