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Day1: Mr. Priddy's Texas Boys Choir Argentina Tour Travelogue 2012

The boys don't have their electronic devices to communicate with us while on their trip so we are relying on the emails we receive from artistic director, S. Bryan Priddy.  Each boy has been provided a notebook and pen, but Mr. Priddy is so eloquent and thorough in his descriptions, that I am preserving it here on my blog so when my son comes home with an empty notebook, I will have a momento of his trip.

Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral, the boys were given permission to sing. 
Mr. Priddy's Argentina Tour Travelogue

Day 1 May 18, 2012

It has been a crazy ride but we are in Buenos Aires and all is well. It has been non stop since we landed this morning around 8 a.m.  The hotel is very nice and we are being treated like celebrities.  The hotel lobby has a big marque with a promo of all of our concerts.  They said we could take it with us when we left...and we will because it is so cool looking.  Great piece to frame and put in the choir room to inspire future singers.

Today we checked in to the hotel and then had time on our own to have the boys make quick calls home to say we made it here o.k.  Then we went to eat.  It was new experience trying to communicate in Spanish.  I know in my group we ended up at a pizza place.  I told the boys that I did not know what we ordered, but to be adventurous and try it just the same.  The pizza was great.  One of them actually had crumbled boiled eggs as a garnish on top.

We met at 3 pm to have our first of two guided tours of Buenos Aires.  It has been dark and overcast with light showers today, so the tour guide took us to visit the Basilica.  You may remember that the boys sang at the Basilica in St. Louis last year.  Today, the structure was not as large, but it was an imposing Romanesque style building.  I was struck by the fact that we were in what is referred to as their national church in the country of Argentina.  The only thing that would make this better is if we were allowed to sing here and perform a selection from the most popular folk mass in Argentina, composed by an Argentine.  Well, believe it or not, our tour guide asked the priest if we could sing.  He agreed, and we performed the Kyrie from the Ramierez folk Mass Misa Criolla.  It sounded wonderful in those acoustics.  Afterwards I was approached by a couple from Brazil.  They shared that they were on their honeymoon and had entered the Basilica to ask God for peace in their lives.  No sooner had they entered the space and suddenly angelic voices were heard from the Chancel area.  They were so appreciative.

I do not know how often I will be able to get updates posted, but I will send as many as I can.  It has been a little frustrating trying to type this update because I am using a Spanish keyboard and it has extra keys and I think I have hit every incorrect button so far.

Overall, we are having a wonderful time.  The schedule is so good about giving the boys some down time just to chill.  Today we also had opportunity to visit one of the artisan areas for shopping.  The boys have no problem shopping.  They are behaving well, and they are looking out for each other.  Everywhere we go, people comment on what a fine group we have.

And to you, parents, please know that I know we would have never gotten the boys down here without considerable help from you.  Many, many hours of behind the scenes work went on, especially the two weeks prior to our departure.  Our parent club president, Michelle, and Karen Mueller in particular went many extra miles getting the tuxes prepared.  But we also had helpers to pass out t'shirts, do baggage checks, organize journal notebooks, and a host of other things.  It really did take a village.  Thank you!

In a few minutes we are off to eat dinner.  It will be the perfect ending to a very long day.  Tomorrow we tour North Buenos Aires.  Then we travel to rehearse with Opus Cuatro.  Then we have our first performance with Opus Cuatro and the National Childrens Choir of Argentina.  Then back the hotel and then we go to dinner and watch the Tango Show.  Way too much fun.  The boys are discovering that South American girls are very attractive.  We are trying to keep their jaws off the payment as they gawk.  The city is amazing.  Kind of a mix between Paris, Madrid and other European cities.  

Again, I will try to send updates as I am able.  We will also try to upload pictures when possible.

Bryan Priddy
Artistic Director

Texas Boys Choir

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yourmusicteach said...

WOW...experience of a life time. And to sing in the basilica...glorious sound that was heard in the realm of earth and glad for all involved. May your trip continue in safety and soul-stirring moments.
Mrs. Blue.....
elementary music teacher :)