Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 9: Mr. Priddy's Texas Boys Choir Argentina Tour Travelogue

Day 9 - May 26, 2012

The big show is now over, but what a day we had.

Our morning started fairly early with a 7am wake up call and breakfast. We accidentally left the festival performance  t-shirts on the bus the night so we had the boys wear jeans and white t-shirts to breakfast...kind of a 50s theme which the boys really enjoyed.  Once bus arrived we distributed the festival t-shirts and hats and everyone changed into the new t-shirts.  It is hard to take anyone seriously that is wearing a hot pink (well more like fushia) t-shirt with a cappabera rodent head on the front. However, the color actually grows on you after a while and I must say that after seeing all the other shirt designs, I rather prefer what we were selected to wear.

We arrived at 9 am for the morning rehearsal.I should know better by now that these rehearsals are not going to start on time.  Today was no different.  When all was said and done, the rehearsal started around 10:30 am. The South American culture just doesn't get in a hurry about such matters.I decided the best plan of action was to take a chill pill and make the most of things. The boys used this time to mingle.  We had given the boys their bag of Fort Worth goodies on the bus to give to their new friends and they had a good time sharing trinkets from our fair city.

Once rehearsal started, the dress rehearsal consisted of running the program in concert order. We got through around 2 pm.  At this point we were famished and walked to the bus to receive our sack lunches. Since we could not go back to the hotel, the bus driver allowed us to rest in the air conditioned bus for 30 minutes. The guys had been standing all morning and I wanted them to get off their feet for just a bit. After a great nap everyone changed into our concert attire which included the festival shirt, black pants,black dress socks, and black dress shoes.  The boys decided they wanted Mrs. Blevins to approve the festival t-shirts as official spirit wear so that they can wear the shirts next Thursday when we perform some of our tour selections for the student assembly. 

The weather was overcast this morning but by afternoon the sun was shining brightly and I felt I was getting way too much sun.  I sought out shaded areas for the boys to use until the show call.  By now the main stage was complete. It was a huge stage.  Imagine the largest performing forces you might see at Bass triple that number and you now have an indication of the size and scale of the festival stage. 

The concert itself was massive.  Camera crews were situated all over the complex. Even the news Crew of China was present.  The program began by politicians making speeches. Today was actually historical in that Iguazu Falls was officially recognized and declared one of the new 7 natural wonders of the world.

If recordings of tonight's are available, I will try to secure one for us. The concert lasted about 3 hours. Everyone did an admirable job.  And the audience and performers all went wild at the conclusion the show.This excitement stayed with the boys as we departed from the Sheraton to make our way back to our hotel.

Bryan Priddy
Artistic Director
Texas Boys Choir 

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