Sunday, August 28, 2005

Does Anybody really know what time it is?

Does anybody really care?

I do...My life is run by the clock....I am constantly checking the time. At home, at work, everywhere...What if all the clocks in the world were destroyed - would it really matter? Yes it would....But just for one day I would like to not have to worry what time it was.

Here's my prayer for all of you this week as you work, play and check your watches:

"The Lord bless you
and keep you;
the Lord make his face shine upon you

and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn his face toward you

and give you peace". Numbers 6:24-26

Peace Out!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Ahhh! It's the weekend!!!

This is not my dog, but I would like to be doing what this dog is doing all weekend long! Back in the old days Preston would call me and say.."it's the weekend" and it used to mean something...Now it means that we are going to be really busy until it's time to go back to work on Monday. Not that I am complaining...I love my life, but sometimes it can get a little hectic....and what's up with all of this laundry? Does anyone hate mopping the floor more than me? I'm glad football season is starting. On Saturdays, when I get a chance, I love to lay on the couch with college football has to be Saturday because college football sounds different from Pro football. I love to listen to college football while I am laying on the couch, half asleep - imagining cool weather, sweaters, khaki pants and scarves in places like Ann Arbor, MI or State College, PA...Nothing sounds better than college football in the fall, on the couch when you are half-asleep.

Monday, August 22, 2005

The Crock pot is a friend

I love my crock pot! School is back in session and starting next week we will be in full swing with work, homework, dance lessons, choir practice, scouts, sleepovers, playdates, chores and all of the others things that we fill our lives with. One of the things that we have done is eat together as a family. No TV, no sittin' in the living room, no eatin' in shifts.....We do it together or not at all! I know we have all read and heard the importance of this activity, but sometimes it is not always easy to accomplish.

That's where the crockpot comes in handy. I got up 15 minutes early this morning so I could put together dinner. It was beef tips and mushrooms over noodles. When I got home from school, Molly and I took a swim, and then all I had to do was cook some noodles, saute' some zucchinni and cut up a cantaloup....Dinner!

I usually do the beef tips or a roast. Does anyone have any other good recipes? I would use it more if I knew some good ones.

Bon Apetit!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

School's In!

That just doesn't sound as good as School's Out.....I guess the correct title should be Back to School!

What a great week! The kids started last Tuesday at a brand- new school with brand new -kids and brand- new teachers. They did great. My kids are so well-adjusted in spite of their parents. They decided they would like to go to the same school that I work at as a teacher's aid. It is a wonderful little school hidden away near Edgecliff. I am assuming that Sycamore School Road was named after it since it was built in 1973 - hence the mascot "Superstars". When searching the web I was surprised to find that there are other Sycamore Schools in the US and they are also the Superstars - I guess it just has a nice ring. Sycamore Scorpions sounds too mean...Sycamore Saps is too sappy...Sycamore slimeballs...see there is no other choice but Superstars.

I have been asked by some of the students why we are "Superstars". They think it sounds "gay". I then go into a lengthy dissertation eplaining that the early 70's were a time of change. Hippie's were on the way out and disco had not quite hit the scene yet. The Carpenter's had great song out called "Superstar" and who could forget the movie "Jesus Christ Superstar"?...So in 1973 being "Superstars" was really cool and progressive.

They still think is sounds gay.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

I love blogging. I spent way too much time drifting from Blog to Blog last night and enjoying myself tremendously. After messing up my setting and getting frustrated, I called my hacker friend Brian and he fixed it all up! My links are the ones that I like the most....It is amazing to learn what is really on people's minds. For instance, Danny proudly advertizes his Blog on the Altamesa TV's Sunday Mornings. So I visited expecting to find some serious churchy stuff. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to find a week-long discussion on snack foods, lunch boxes and crocheted hats. My friend, Joanie, is my advanced English student friend who uses alot of big words and can articulate anything she is thinking really well. She has a lot of strange thoughts....Trey is also a strange one...Again, I marvel at the extensive use of big words and advanced English! Henny is my friend that keeps it all real and Lindsey is who I would want to be if I had to do it all over again (as long as I got to marry Preston and have the same 3 kids!) Finally, I love my husband - that's all I need to say!

Peace Out!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I thought I would add a picture of myself! Does this robe make me look fat?

I'm new at this

I have so enjoyed visiting blogs of my friends that I was finally forced to create my own in order to respond to some of them. It seems that I always have something to say in response to whatever the profound word of the day is.....Whether it be the Batman/Superman dilemma on Trey's or the Vacation Quandry on Jen's. I really am not sure how all of this works and how you will actually find me and if I will have anything profound to say...but at least now I can add my 2 cents worth!