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Are you a SUPER SHOPPER? Super Shoppers are real people who are getting out there and getting the real deals.  If you would like to be profiled (and brag a little bit), there are several ways you can contact me:

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Super Shopper Profile #3
Sarah Sparks

Meet Sarah Sparks!  I kept bumping into her online so I asked her to be part of my Super Shoppers page.  Her blog Look What I Got For Free focuses on great deals and giveaways. She lives with her husband Joe and Maltipoo, Renfield, in southern Maryland. They have been married for almost 6 years and enjoy bargain hunting everywhere, as well as shopping and selling items at flea markets and garage sales. I asked her to tell us why she coupons and to give us some tips:
Why I CouponMy husband and I both recently completed our Master's degrees. We accumulated a lot of student loan debt. It seemed like we were working so hard and not getting anywhere with our debts. We wanted to find a way to get the most out of our hard-earned money. As an elementary teacher, I was working up to 10 hours a day! I was looking for a way that I could work at home, and still find a way to meet our budget with a reduced income. By building a stockpile, I know that we have cut our grocery bills by at least 50% over what we have spent in the past.

Tips or comments that would be helpful to couponers:
  • Get a shopping partner. One person can watch the register and pay, while the other one loads the cart. This will help prevent you from getting flustered and confused when there is a lot going on at the checkout.
  • Don't get nervous. If you have read your coupons correctly and follow the store's policies, you are not doing anything wrong! It's no big deal. If you mess up or forget a coupon, you can return most items. Or, redeem the coupon at customer service at a later time.
  • Build a "stockpile" of groceries, toiletries and health/beauty items. This allows you to only buy things on sale and you never run out. This especially helps if you get busy, sick, or get low on cash.
  • The best food sales are around holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. Save extra money to buy coupons and buy more food at this time of year.
  • You can buy coupons on Ebay or other websites. You can also trade them on online forums and message boards such as
  • If you can get an item for free, take the item! You can use it, give it away, trade it or sell it! Uness the item is really ridiculous or you don't have room for it, take anything that is free!
  • Be wary of expiration dates, check and arrange your shelves often. You've wasted your time if your items expire.
Sarah's recent shopping trip to CVS
Sarah used of coupons from newspaper circulars, online deals, home-mailers, tearpads and in-store offers. 
Axe deodorant and body spray 
-B1G1 Axe Body Spray, Anti-perspriant or Deodorant 5/22/2011 RP Insert 
Trident Vitality Gum  
-B1G1 Free - tearpad coupon

John Frieda Hair Color $12.49 

-Free John Frieda hair color coupon from home mailer = Free

Strawberry Basket Kit $7.49 (lowest price I’ve seen so far in my area)
Crystal Light single serving 
-$1 off any Crystal Light CVS CRT coupon (the little red machine that spits out coupons when you scan your Rewards card)
Right Guard deodorant with bonus travel body wash $4.79

-B1G1 up to $4.49 Dry Idea or Right Guard Product 5/1/2011 RP Insert (exp 5/31/2011)

Zyrtec  5 Count - 
-Free 5 Ct Zyrtec - up to $7 off (home mailer coupon - requested coupon online)
CVS Glucose Tablets  10 Count 1.99 
-Free email coupon for *Diabetes Club member

Used $16.99 Extra Bucks from previous purchases

Paid 7.99 (Including 6% tax)! Way to go, Sarah!
Earned $0.99 Trident ECB, $4.00 Axe ECB, and $2.00 Right Guard ECB + $0.25 Green Bag Tag scan for future purchases
**Anyone can sign up for the Diabetes Club on the CVS website.  They do not ask you any personal questions and give you extra coupons every now and then.


Super Shopper Profile #2
Marie Johnson
My name is Marie and I am married to the most amazing man, Michael. We have two handsome boys Jr, 13 and Brandon, almost 9. I work as the Billing Director for a large ambulance company.

I started couponing when my oldest son was born. I stayed home with him for a year and babies are not cheap, especially when you are minus one income. 

I soon went back to work & didn't make time to coupon since I now had an income. I recently began to make time again and could kick myself for not doing it all along!

I enjoy couponing not only because it saves our family thousands of dollars every year but because it allows our family to bless others in ways we couldn't without coupons. 

In a recent trip to Kroger, I purchased approximately $330.00 in groceries for about $62.00. Some groceries went to my pantry, some to my neighbors and some to my Mom's church for their food pantry. 

If you are new to coupon adventures or you are a savvy discount diva, remember to take time to thank God for the mad math skills couponing calls upon. If you find a group of friends to share in your coupon adventures, you may learn new tips & tricks. The fellowship and giggles that couponing inspires is a bonus! My advice is to enjoy yourself. ~ Marie Johnson, Super Shopper
Marie and Cheri - Two ladies with mad couponing skills!
Marie's lastest haul from Walgreen's:
44 Items
5 Transaction
Total Spent:  22.30
 Total saved: $125.50!


Cheri Morgan
I have known Cheri for a number of years, but did not know she was a couponer until recently.  She has a stockpile, but a good portion of her freebies are donated to those in need.  She is an awesome friend with a wonderful heart and a whole lot of fun! Here are a couple of hauls she has gotten within the past month. She has promised share more and I can't wait until school is out so I can tag along!
Total:  $0.00 
Total Saved:  $154.10! 
Everything except the candy egg and bubbles were 90% off. Had a bunch of Rimmel $1 coupons, and used them until it wouldn't take anymore because although the eyeshadow was about .40 ea, it would give me the whole $1 off. Same with everything else - coupons. No coupons on the egg and bubbles, but the overages covered those PLUS got the total-price ECB's on the egg and bubbles. So, not only was all this stuff free, I got almost $2 ECB's back. Yep, they paid me to take this stuff!"  Cheri Morgan, Super Shopper

Retail - $84.08 
After Kroger Card - $38.45 
Out of Pocket after coupons - $12.95

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