Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I just have to brag

Last night our sweet Rebekah graduated from 6th grade - she will now move on to Middle School. At the graduation many awards were given out...this is what Rebekah received:
Principal's List - A Honor Roll
Academic Excellence in Language Arts
Academic Excellence in Music
Academic Excellence in E.A.G.L.E.
Academic Excellence in E.A.G.L.E. Leadership
Star of Excellence - Lower Grade Helper
Oustanding Performance - Student Council
Oustanding Performance - Guiding Stars President
Oustanding Citizenship
Highest Academic Achievement - Top of the 6th grade class
President's Award for Educational Excellence

Needless to say, we are two mighty proud parents. Not only is Rebekah hard-working and smart, she is a kind-hearted and sweet spirited. We think she is pretty cool...She has recently become a Beatles guru, has maintained a vegetarian diet since December and is looking forward to performing with the Crowley Honor Choir at Carnegie Hall this Saturday May 27th!!!

Ya'll be praying for us - we fly into Laguardia tomorrow (Wed the 24th) and come home on Sun the 28th. We are planning a great trip that we will always remember.

Please keep Preston, GP and Molly in your prayers as well - Preston will be juggling the work, school, baseball practice etc... schedule while we are gone...Plus we will be missing each other tremendously!!!!!



Sunday, May 14, 2006

Fabulous Mother's Day!

Today was a wonderful Mother's Day! We slept in, skipped church (no cooking or teaching obligations), Preston made pancakes for breakfast, then we headed over to Dallas. We went to the Farmer's Market - never been there before - it was neat - there is one big building that has Canton-like stuff and then several other buildings with fresh produce, plants and flowers. The kids went crazy trying all of the different fruits and veggies. After that, we came back to Fort Worth and went to the flea market in the cattlebarns...That was fun - the kids really enjoyed looking at all of the old stuff. Bekah was on the hunt for old Beatles albums, GP likes coins and baseball cards and Molly spent 30 minutes picking out earrings! I just enjoyed relaxing and not being rushed. What a great family day. I can't wait until Father's Day!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Night of the Stars

It's over but it was fun!!! Sycamore Elementary School's "Night of the Stars" Variety Show proves that a talent show can be fun even when the airconditioning isn't working. I helped organize it, GP and his friends were the comic relief, Rebekah and her friends were the "Happy Hands Club" (Napoleon Dynamite) and Molly did a stirring rendition of "YMCA"!!!! Of course, Preston was there to support us all the way! Fun, Fun, Fun!!!!!