Saturday, November 11, 2006

Super Turkey

Well, we finished up our last skit for the semester..."Super Turkey".

A pink flamingo is lamenting about her obnoxious pink feathers and the black ravens wish they were regal like the turkey...After all, there aren't any raven door decorations! Turkeys are everywhere this time of yards, on greeting cards and even on paper plates! Super Turkey comes along and sets them straight about the whole Thanksgiving thing and they realize that they should just be happy with who they are and make the most of what they have....And they all lived happily every after...(after they sang the "Super Turkey" song)!!! Fun, Fun, Fun!!!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Mi familia y yo tenemos fabuloso Halloween! Rebekah lleva ropa "hippie", G.P. lleva ropa "nerd" and Molly es senorita bonita! Preston y yo preferimos "goth". Vamos Fiesta Otono en la mi iglesa. Muy divertido!