Friday, April 21, 2006

Fat Friday (Click Here)

Chef Preston Strikes Again!

Every month on payday our school (Sycamore Elementary) has "Fat Friday" (hope nobody from the "Fat Club" reads this). Each grade level or department hosts a luncheon for the staff . It's great fun! We either put money in and they order food, or we have a theme and it's potluck suprise!

This month was my department's turn (Special Ed)....It was very "Special"!

Chef Preston prepared a Hawaiian Luau...we called it "Eat Aloha" The menu consisted of Barbecued pulled pork with pineapple chutney, stir fried rice, tropical salad, fresh fruit and dreamcicle cake. It was wonderful! My husband is the bestest!!!


karen b said...

i think preston needs a hawaiian chef's jacket to wear on occasions such as this. can you make him one?

your co-workers are lucky people!

Anonymous said...

In your spare time......:)


Keith Hollar said...

Look's like fun!

TAG! You’re it.

Alan McDad said...

Awicki wauki wicki wauki weeki woo!

Jennifer Meachem said...

mmmmmmmmm, pineapple spears and everything, gurrrrrrrl- that's one good man!

okay, so the recipe you wanted is finally on my blog. sorry it took so long.

i am the "nurse" in a family practice office. if you need something in the line of erythromycin for, let's say, STREP throat! call me!