Sunday, May 14, 2006

Fabulous Mother's Day!

Today was a wonderful Mother's Day! We slept in, skipped church (no cooking or teaching obligations), Preston made pancakes for breakfast, then we headed over to Dallas. We went to the Farmer's Market - never been there before - it was neat - there is one big building that has Canton-like stuff and then several other buildings with fresh produce, plants and flowers. The kids went crazy trying all of the different fruits and veggies. After that, we came back to Fort Worth and went to the flea market in the cattlebarns...That was fun - the kids really enjoyed looking at all of the old stuff. Bekah was on the hunt for old Beatles albums, GP likes coins and baseball cards and Molly spent 30 minutes picking out earrings! I just enjoyed relaxing and not being rushed. What a great family day. I can't wait until Father's Day!


JenniferReinsch said...

happy mother's day!

karen b said...

how does bekah play those albums on her ipod?