Saturday, May 05, 2007

I still love my cat

Well, she did it again! Not just once either!!!

She chewed through 3 phone cords, the DSL cord and the power cord to the router on our desktop.


We took her to get fixed (or as Preston likes to say: "broken").

She's been pretty laid back for the past few days, I wonder if being in heat had anything to do with her chewing? Maybe taking out her frustrations on cords is her thing! The vet didn't think total tooth extraction was a good idea...Any suggestions?
(By the way, these are not our actual cords, I downloaded this picture off the internet, but it is kind of how it looks behind our computer...Do you think someone will ever come up with a solution to this?)

Only 3 more days and this semester will be OVER!!!! I'll have a few weeks to relax and then I'll hit it again on 5/24!


Anonymous said...

You MUST go shopping for cord-keepers of some kind! I think your best bet would be the sort that is a hollow tube with a slit down it lengthwise -- it fits over all the cords in a bundle and is probably too fat for her kitty mouth to grasp. I'm just waiting for her to create a power meltdown that darkens the entire southern half of the city.

If surgery turns out to have cured her chewing, I'm gonna recommend it for some people I know.


Wezie said...

You're so funny!