Friday, August 31, 2007

Is It Cheesy?

Ok, let's vote on it! Click on the title of my post above "Is it Cheesy?"
It will link you to Mountain Lake Resort where the filming of my favorite movie "Dirty Dancing" took place. They offer "Dirty Dancing Weekends".

I don't doesn't have the same "look" as it did in the movie. The dining room looks like a fancy Golden Corral and does the weekend package sound a wee bit like something your parents would do in Branson? Let me hear your opinions!

1) Does this sound like a romantic weekend for two? Should I go out and get the pink "Baby" dress (the sophisticated, more age-appropriate version), brush up on the Tango and have Preston show up in his black jeans and pull me out of the corner?

2) Is this a fun gals retreat where I wear my best khaki capris and my sensible tennis shoes, buy every color tee-shirt in the gift shop and hope that Johnny will be the dance instructor?

3) Should we take the kids and let my teenage daughter wander aimlessly around the grounds so she can co-mingle with the help? She could carry a watermelon.

4) Just go, have fun and beat everyone in the trivia game?


JenniferReinsch said...

That is too funny. I wasn't allowed to see Dirty Dancing until I was in college, and it was with my roommates. I would go as a girl's weeken and hope to find Johnny.

Jennifer Meachem said...

honey, as much as you love dirty dancing??? you and preston need to go and do some role playing tee hee hee!