Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fast Food and dieting...(click here)

Ooops! I'm not supposed to say the "D" word - it's a "Lifestyle Change".'s eating less, exercising more and drinking lots of water. Anyway, there are times when we are forced to eat out and inevitably our new "healthy lifestyle" takes a turn for the worse when we are confronted with the Value Menus and Super-sized fare at most fast food places. I really hate the salads at those places, so what am I to do?

Well, have no fear, I found something good, realitively low-cal, and satisfying at Taco Bell! The Zesty Chicken Bowl is a combination of refried beans, rice, chicken, lettuce tomato and cheese - it's like a salad but with a lot less of the green stuff. At 440 calories you can't beat this for quick, filling dinner. Add in the optional dressing and it goes up 200 calories - not worth it - just use some of the hot sauce.

They also have a Fresco menu which leaves off the cheese and adds some kind of pico de gallo mixture. There is only 350 calories in this (even better). I will try this next time and let you know.

Click on the title of this post where it says: "click here". This is a link to the nutritional info for all Taco Bell items.


Jenn said...

it's so sad.... i am so horrible that that thing looks like a snack to me. :o( how much are they?

Wezie said...

Less than $4.00

Jenn said...

hey! i gave you an Excellent Blog Award. thanks for sprucing up the place, it sure is nice around her and your hard work has not gone unnoticed!!!
go to my blog to see what it is i'm talkin' about, okay? okay.

henny said...

bueno has a few things, subway of course, and quiznos. i love the internet, it makes it so much eaiser to look up nutritional info.