Saturday, August 20, 2005

School's In!

That just doesn't sound as good as School's Out.....I guess the correct title should be Back to School!

What a great week! The kids started last Tuesday at a brand- new school with brand new -kids and brand- new teachers. They did great. My kids are so well-adjusted in spite of their parents. They decided they would like to go to the same school that I work at as a teacher's aid. It is a wonderful little school hidden away near Edgecliff. I am assuming that Sycamore School Road was named after it since it was built in 1973 - hence the mascot "Superstars". When searching the web I was surprised to find that there are other Sycamore Schools in the US and they are also the Superstars - I guess it just has a nice ring. Sycamore Scorpions sounds too mean...Sycamore Saps is too sappy...Sycamore slimeballs...see there is no other choice but Superstars.

I have been asked by some of the students why we are "Superstars". They think it sounds "gay". I then go into a lengthy dissertation eplaining that the early 70's were a time of change. Hippie's were on the way out and disco had not quite hit the scene yet. The Carpenter's had great song out called "Superstar" and who could forget the movie "Jesus Christ Superstar"?...So in 1973 being "Superstars" was really cool and progressive.

They still think is sounds gay.

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rebekah (penny) said...

Mom, it may have been cool then, but now it's gay.