Sunday, December 30, 2007

Must See TV...I can't wait for next Sunday! (Click here)

JANE EYRE: Sundays, December 30, 2007 and January 6, 2008

"Ruth Wilson is all Jane should be... and Toby Stephens gives us a Rochester to root for..."
- Entertainment Weekly

A governess goes to work for a moody employer, captures his heart, then a dark secret intrudes. Charlotte Brontë's 1847 classic stars newcomer Ruth Wilson as the spirited but plain young woman who escapes a dismal youth to find improbable true love. Toby Stephens is Edward Rochester, the enigmatic master of Thornfield who hires Jane as governess to his young female ward Adele. Or is it his daughter? All that is certain is that he is a man with a passionate past. Directed by Susanna White (Bleak House) and adapted by Sandy Welch (Our Mutual Friend), the cast also includes Francesca Annis, Tara Fitzgerald, Pam Ferris, Christina Cole and Georgie Henley (The Chronicles of Narnia) as the young Jane.

I never read this because there were just too many words and would require too much of a commitment on my part, but this program is SOoooo good. We watched the first part tonight. The second part is on next Sunday. Try to catch it if you can!

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Jenn said...

i just want you to know that I DID watch this and absolutely LOVED IT! i bawled at the end, didn't you ???!!