Monday, December 03, 2007

Thanksgiving Adendum...Public Apology

Ok, my wonderful mom pointed out that the reason I was able to have such a productive and satisfying Thanksgiving break was because she did ALL of the cooking for Thanksgiving. This is true. Sorry, Mom - my badness. I know I should have given credit where credit is due...especially since you have a broken foot and are wearing a big brace. I appreciate all of your hard work and am thankful to have you. I'm such a TURKEY!


Cathy H said...

I had the same experience! I only had to make one dish. My mom and sister did all the rest.

It was GREAT! I'm hoping for the same arrangement next year, but sadly I bet it will be my turn.

If so, we're having fajitas.

henny said...

your mom rocks

Jenn said...

why do you think i was such a dork and took pictures of my food at thanksgiving??? it was hard stinkin' work! i tooted my own horn, yes, i did. :o) toot toot, honey... toot, toot!

good for you for tootin' your mom's!