Sunday, March 05, 2006

Chef Preston Does is Again!

Circa 1940's Roper Range.

Magic with a piping bag
He's awesome!Last night Preston prepared a classical French meal for a wine tasting group. This group has been together for over 20 years. They wanted something very special for their quarterly meal together and Chef Preston delivered the goods! He was able to adapt beautifully to the 1920's kitchen...the result was memorable meal of delicious and beautiful cuisine!

1st course: poached salmon on puff pastry w/ red pepper dill cream sauce
2nd course: mango sorbet w/edible flower (to cleanse the pallet)

3rd course: Beef tenderloin on a toasted bread medallion w/goose liver pate' and mushroom sauce. Served with sauted squash/zucchini & roasted potatoes.

4th course: (no photo) mixed green salad w/tomato viniagrette dressing

Dessert: Dark chocolate raspberry pate' served with a raspberry cream sauce, fresh raspberries, white & dark chocolate shavings.


karen b said...

your blog makes me hungry

Mommy said...

looks good enough to eat...chef p can cook for us anytime

Jen said...


Jennifer Meachem said...

daaaaaaaaaaaaaang gurl! yes, that was me out there with tha grill. i grilled us up some chicken and veggies. next time you see a grill out, stop by! that huzbun o'yers sho nuf can cook! that stove was beautiful! where you workin' out? happy anniversary, have a safe trip to san antonio, have a safe trip home, have a safe trip to ny, school??? go gurl, workin' out? daaaaang gurl, do yo thang gurl.

let's see... did i miss anything?
oh yeah, yes, i am your fabulous neighbor that you have ignored for way too long! miss ya, luv ya go 'head girl, go 'head.

Jennifer Meachem said...

i am such a dork