Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Clean Sweep comes to Prairie Rose Lane

Most of my Spring Break has been spent in Molly's room (except for when I watched A Chorus Line and today when Preston I went on a date in the middle of the afternoon!)

I am in year #2 of being a working Mom. I was blessed to be able to spend 10 years at home with my kids. When Molly started school last year, I went to work! For a while, I was able to maintain the housework, but after a while, I just gave up....Molly's room was a disaster!!!!

Soooo...Monday morning we got in there and four trash bags later it was empty enough to start painting. We used a pretty shade of pink - we even gave the baseboards a fresh coat of white...Next came putting everything back. Actually not everything...about half of it came back. My dad made a great shelf with pegs which helped get stuff up and out of the way!

Molly loves her new room...Hopefully it will be easier for her to keep tidy now...

Tomorrow, I will tackle the playroom and start getting ready for a GInormous "garbage" sale this weekend....Come see us! We're raising money for the trip to New York in May!

Happy girl in her new room!


karen b said...

who's your handsome painting assistant? can i hire him?

Lindsey said...

Oooh, what fun! That is such a great feeling, getting something accomplished like that! Give that sweet girl a hug for me!

Wezie said...

My dad is so awesome! He helps us with a lot of stuff around here. He is slowly painting the outside of our house...He'll come up for an hour or so and work on the eaves or around the windows. Eventually we'll have to paint the uppper part of the house, and he's real handy because he small, agile and not afraid of heights!

Jennifer Meachem said...

hey! could your dad make me a couple of those peg board/shelves? i need two of them! no, seriously! i will pay him!

i got your note on my blog, sorry about the dress. glad it still worked out okay for you. we were having computer issues.